Ad-hoc form (questionnaire) for submitting complaints

A complaint, or Specific Instance, although not formally defined in the OECD, designates and applies to situations of alleged non-observance of the guidelines for responsible business conduct brought to National Contact points (NCP’s). This ad-hoc questionnaire is designed to help the complainant introduce a viable specific instance.

The complaint must be sent either in written form or by email to the Luxembourg NCP at the Ministry of the Economy, L-2937 Luxembourg, or with the mention “Complaint to the Luxembourg OECD National Contact Point”.

On request, the Luxembourg NCP will help the complainant comply with fundamental requirements to meet the criteria of materiality and substantiation of the complaint, whether the available ad-hoc questionnaire is used or the Specific Instance is introduced in free form.

The complainant may meet in person with the NCP for the purpose of introducing a Specific Instance or substantiate the case.

The Luxembourg NCP will by principle accept handling Specific Instances stemming from any party claiming an interest – individuals, local communities, NGO’s, worker organizations, other interested parties – in an alleged breach of the OCDE Guidelines by a multinational enterprise, including non-for-profit legal entities, headquartered in Luxembourg when Specific Instances occur (or the impact occurred) in countries that are not adherents to the Guidelines and thus do not have NCP’s, or for issues originating in Luxembourg, whether the enterprise is foreign or domestic.

An acknowledgement of receipt of the Specific Instance introduced with the Luxembourg NCP shall be sent to the complainant(s) within 5 working days by email and/or by mail.

The complete set of rules along which the complaint (“Specific Instance”) will be dealt with by the Luxembourg NCP can be found under “Rules of procedure for handling specific instances”.

In accordance with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the Luxembourg NCP will assess the complaint and contribute to resolving the case regarding alleged breaches of the Guidelines through dialogue or mediation. Where such dialogue or mediation is not feasible, the NCP will proceed with the publication of a final statement regarding the Specific Instance.

The Luxembourg NCP needs a written and as specific and precise documentation as possible in order to deal with the complaint in a proper and timely manner. You can assist in this by filling in the complaint ad-hoc form below.

Ad-hoc form (questionnaire) for submitting complaints (PDF)

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