Astronaut Buzz Aldrin meets the Luxembourg Space Agency team

As part of a visit celebrating American Independence Day and the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin met on July 3, 2019 with both the Luxembourg Space Agency team and the Government Advisory Board on Space Resources. The Space Resources Advisory Board is composed of internationally renowned space experts whose mission it is to guide Luxembourg into position as a European hub for the exploration and utilization of space resources.

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Buzz Aldrin piloted the Apollo 11 lunar module in 1969 and was the second man to set foot on the Moon. Today, he attended a lunch in the sidelines of the sixth meeting of the Advisory board that was held in Luxembourg. The former astronaut discussed with members of the Luxembourg Space Agency team and the Government Advisory Board current and future challenges in the fields of space exploration and the utilization of resources in space, including its relevant applications like rocket propellant, planetary surface construction or in-space manufacturing. initiative

Launched in February 2016 and led by the Luxembourg Space Agency, the initiative defines a framework to promote and support the exploration and commercial utilization of resources from ‘celestial bodies' such as the Moon and asteroids.

This pioneering initiative provides a supportive working environment for Luxembourg’s vision of a new space industry, one built on support for advanced research and technological capabilities.

It draws on existing expertise in the space and satellite sector and feeds into the country’s ongoing strategy of economic diversification into future-oriented high-tech industries.

Topics of discussion during the board meeting included international relations and global governance of space, R&D and the initiative.

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