National strategy to reduce energy demand: first measures for the state, companies, municipalities and citizens

At the extraordinary meeting of the Council of the EU Energy Ministers, the Member States reached a political agreement on a reduction - in a first phase on a voluntary basis - of 15% of natural gas demand between 1 August 2022 and 31 March 2023. The government joins this reduction effort and calls for immediate vigilance and solidarity from all parties.

The Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, together with the ministries concerned, has put in place initial measures at national level in order to increase the security of energy supply in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. These measures, which aim to achieve energy savings over the coming months in order to prepare for possible disruptions in the supply of gas from Russia, have been drawn up in close consultation with all the players concerned. They involve the contribution of the entire society: the state, municipalities, citizens and businesses.

1. State: measures to reduce energy consumption

In order to reduce the energy consumption of public buildings, the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, is developing clear instructions for more energy-efficient management of public buildings. A circular note will be sent to all ministries for this purpose.

2. Municipalities: key players in reducing energy consumption

Municipalities, which are all committed to the Climate Pact, are already making efforts and are active in the continuous improvement of their energy efficiency, which leads to a reduction of their energy consumption and consequently of their energy costs.

In order to encourage them to strengthen these energy saving efforts, the Ministry of Home Affairs, together with the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, is sending a circular note to the municipalities entitled "Vigilance on energy consumption - energy saving", suggesting concrete measures for energy saving in the various municipal activities.

In addition, together with the "Klima-Agence" a seminar in the form of a webinar will be organised on 8 September to give more details on the national campaign, the documents available to the municipality and the measures to be put in place.

3. Businesses: close exchanges with government

Aware of their important role in reducing national energy consumption, but also of the constraints faced by businesses, the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning and the Ministry of the Economy are in close and regular contact with UEL, FEDIL, and the professional chambers, in order to identify the potential for reducing energy consumption and to develop a strategy to raise awareness among their members.

4. Citizens: launch of a national campaign in September

In order to become independent of energy imports more quickly, every citizen is also invited to participate in the reduction effort. In September, the government will present an extensive national information and awareness-raising campaign to encourage society as a whole to save energy. In addition, the government will step up its efforts to develop renewable energies.

Further details on the national campaign will be announced in September. In the meantime, energy saving tips are already available at

Press release by the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning

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