Automotive Day 2023: On the road to sustainable mobility

The shift towards sustainable mobility will be the central topic of the Automotive Day 2023, scheduled for October 5 at 9 am in Luxembourg in Esch-Belval and organised by Luxinnovation's Luxembourg AutoMobility Cluster.

The Automotive Day is the most significant annual event in the Greater Region for automotive industry professionals. Held each year at a different location, this year it will take place in Luxembourg on 5 October at the Maison des arts et des étudiants in Esch-Belval.

It will provide an opportunity for industry stakeholders to exchange ideas regarding practical use cases of ongoing transformations, which can lead to new business relationships that promote sustainable economic development.

The 2023 edition, featuring an opening address by Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, will primarily focus on "Transformation towards Sustainable Mobility." It will bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities.

"The ability to move people and goods is essential to the functioning of our society, but we face challenges related to traffic congestion, rising fuel costs, harmful emissions and more," explains Anthony Auert, manager of the Luxembourg AutoMobility Cluster. "This event will showcase how Luxembourg is innovating mobility by shifting the balance towards, a combination of multiple modes of transportation − including public solutions as well as private vehicles − which offer a seamless, digitally supported travel experience. This generates numerous innovation opportunities and encourages companies to settle and grow here by using the country as a testbed for developing new sustainable mobility solutions."

Throughout the day, technical presentations, technology exhibitions, test drives and company visits will provide insights into how companies as well as research institutes in the Greater Region are and will be tackling the challenges arising from the transformations in the "automobility" sector.

Released by the Ministry of the Economy

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