Luxembourg takes part in Europe's largest cyber exercise, Cyber Europe

On 19 and 20 June 2024, the Haut-Commissariat à la protection nationale (HCPN), including its Cybersecurity and GOVCERT departments, the Directorate-General for Energy of the Ministry of the Economy, as well as the Institut luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR), the LHC/CIRCL, the CTIE and the company Creos took part in the 7th edition of "Cyber Europe".

This exercise, managed by ENISA, the European Union's cybersecurity agency, is designed to test the preparedness of a wide range of European sectors in the face of cyber threats. Under the motto "Let's exercise, protect and improve to help Europe prepare for tomorrow's cyber challenges", this vast exercise brought together thousands of European players to strengthen their collaboration on cyber security.

During the two-day exercise, participants faced simulations of large-scale cybersecurity incidents in the energy sector, based on realistic scenarios developed by European experts. They had the opportunity to analyse complex technical incidents and manage business continuity, providing essential practical experience for professionals in the field. In addition, Cyber Europe provided an opportunity to exercise and validate end-to-end national and pan-European mechanisms for managing large-scale cyber security incidents and cyber crises.

The participation of players from the energy sector was crucial, given the current threat situation and the increase in cyber-attacks on energy infrastructures in recent years. This sector has taken over from healthcare, which took part in the last exercise in 2022. The next exercise is scheduled for 2026.

Communicated by the HCPN, the Directorate General for Energy of the Ministry of the Economy, the ILR and Creos

Mitgeteilt vom HCPN, der Generaldirektion Energie des Wirtschaftsministeriums, dem ILR und Creos

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